I’m continually amazed by the massive amounts of brands there are out there. The explosion of the Americana movement with quality materials made right here in the USA has forced brands to step their game up and produce at the highest level. A little bit of healthy competition is leading to some of the best constructed menswear that’s ever existed. It’s exciting for me not only as a spokesman for certain brands but as a consumer in general.

Quality denim is something that’s new in my life. When I say new, I mean within the last year or two. Prior to that I was always buying my jeans at H&M or Forever21 because…well I was too poor to afford anything better, haha. Not that there’s anything wrong with buying denim at those stores, especially if it’s not in your budget to drop $100+ on jeans.

Once you’re ready, though, I’d suggest trying out Dyer & Jenkins. These slim fit Cassidy’s are rapidly becoming some of my favorite jeans. They’re raw selvedge Cone Mills denim, which essentially means that they’re made in the USA and they’re going to break in even more beautifully than your grade school catcher’s mitt. D&J also sells other fits if you’re a guy who likes to do squats or just generally aren’t a little scrawny boy like me. Once you get them on, you’ll immediately feel a difference between the lower end stuff you may have gotten used to.

The brand’s mantra is “Forge Your Own Path” which is totally awesome and sounds like something I’d have tattooed on my body (maybe one day). The entire vibe is solid, guys. Stepping up to higher-end denim will be one of the best moves you’ve made in a long time. I guarantee it.

Shop the look: Jeans, Tee, Hat: Dyer and Jenkins, Vest: Vintage (similar), Boots: BedStü, Watch: MVMT Watches

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