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For as long as I can remember (ok fine, like a year), I’ve been in search of a luxury weekender bag. Considering I’m shooting, quickly traveling, and just generally out of the house so consistently, having something that I know will hold up is essential for me. Luckily I found Korchmar, a company started in my hometown of Cincinnati in 1917. They make extremely high quality products and I fell in love with this Lux Twain Weekender. It was easy to do, considering this bag is so damned sexy!

A great bag is about as useable as it gets. Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that just because you’re going to the gym that you shouldn’t have a nice piece on your shoulder. Also, if you’re headed out of town for a quick business trip, having a bag that doesn’t require wheels and lots of maneuvering can be so freeing. Just grab the handles or throw it over your shoulder and you’re gone!

If you’re a working professional, when you leave the office in the morning, isn’t it annoying carrying a briefcase, a gym bag and your lunch? Why not combine them all into one stylish bag? It’s gonna hold up and will break in so nicely that you’ll be enjoying it from entry level to CEO.

If you’re a traveler, a great bag is going to go with you everywhere. It fits enough stuff to keep you dressed for a long weekend away or leaves enough room for all of the cool stuff you pick up along the way.

If you love going to the gym, hopefully you’ve realized that having a reliable bag is hugely important. You’ll need to keep your essentials, a change of clothes, protein bar, shaker cup, jump rope, and shoes.

Face it, people of the world, looking the part is hugely important. If you show up to a meeting or event and you look great, people notice. This goes for your clothes, of course, but your accessories are a key part of looking your best, too. If you’re a traveling salesperson and you walk into your clients office with a bag that absolutely wows them, they’re going to take you more seriously.

Plus, you never know who you’ll meet on a plane and strike up a conversation with about your luggage…it could change your life!

Be sure to check out Korchmar Bags for a style that you’ll love forever!

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