You can still look good without overdoing it with American Flags.

Happy 4th of July! Hopefully you have some fun plans for today with friends and family. Whether it’s a BBQ, a evening dinner, a pool party, or a busy day of all of these things, we’ve got you covered on what to wear.

Obviously, you’ll want to stick with a red, white, and blue color scheme with all of these looks, but don’t feel like you need to be the boldest and brightest person at your party. Find the coordinating event you have planned and dress accordingly.


A simple look that will keep you comfortable all day is best for an outdoor BBQ. A casual short sleeve button up shirt, some light colored shorts and equally comfortable sneakers will keep you looking your best while also allowing for maximum mobility for a cornhole tournament.

Pool/Beach/Lake party

Remember that red, white, and blue can be worn together without needing any American flags. A nice tank top and a solid bathing suit is a great look for the beach or the pool that will still leave you comfortable and looking your best. Bring along a lightweight sweater or jacket for when the sun starts to go down.

Evening Dinner with Family

If you’re ending your day with family or possibly even your significant other’s family, you want to look your best. There’s no need to go full on suited, but some lightweight red or navy blue chinos create an excellent base for a bit more formal look. A cardigan is a great alternative to a blazer in the summer, and works nicely over an oxford shirt with a knit tie. Keeping with the red, white, and blue theme, this is a great look all around.

Remember to have fun, be responsible, and enjoy your day with friends and family! We suggest drinking something a bit nicer than a cheap watery American lager, so that way you won’t need to drink as many to get a bit of a buzz. This will leave you feeling better tomorrow so you can get back to your regular lifestyle!

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