Since moving to LA eight years ago I have immersed myself in the California lifestyle in many ways.  I’ve “drank the kool-aid” as they say. Shit, I’ve probably chugged the Kool-Aid and asked for seconds. One of my favorite things about California is the laid back beach style, so when Faherty Brand was interested in partnering I jumped at the opportunity. They’re one of the premiere beach inspired brands that focus heavily on quality of fabrics, sustainability, and an all around positive attitude about life. Another great thing about Faherty is the fact that it works far beyond summertime. You can wear their stuff all year and feel stylish, comfortable, and laid back.

I always love the transition into fall, so I thought it would be a perfect time to showcase three looks that work for different types of occasions and also keep the change in weather in mind.

Weekend Casual

What can I say, I love a good poncho. The softness of the fabric and the boldness of the design leave no room for mistaking that wherever you are, you’re interested in being relaxed. Absolutely do not sleep on hoodies as a sweater option this fall, everybody. If you’re not quite comfortable with wearing no shirt underneath, that’s fine, throw on a white crewneck tee or a short sleeve button up shirt, just be sure it’s a solid color so you don’t clash with the pattern of the poncho.

Another great piece to keep your versatility at a maximum this fall are chinos. This pair feels like I’ve owned them for 10 years. Find something that fits in a slim way without being too tight. That way you can easily wear them with boots, sneakers, or even espadrilles like I did if you roll them up a couple of times.

If you feel like the stripes of my poncho are too bold, consider doing something in a solid color. It might seem like it’s outside of your comfort zone, but once you put it on, you’ll be making excuses to wear it as often as possible…I know from experience.

Business Casual

Ok, so maybe you can’t wear shorts to the office, but you get the gist. Lightweight unstructured blazers like this one I’m wearing are a fall must have. They can be dressed in so many different ways. This one fits almost like a cardigan, so I like to wear it over a tee with sweats just as much as I do with a button up shirt and denim, chinos, or shorts.The indigo coloring is perfect for my style because I can pair it with earth tones so well, which are my fall go-to.

Faherty makes these All Day Shorts and they’ve changed my life. They fit like chinos but feel like board shorts. They’re the type of thing you could easily get away with at a BBQ or something where you don’t want to look sloppy but don’t need to wear pants.

Also, don’t feel like just because summer is over that you have to only be wearing pants. A long sleeve top with shorts is a great way to stay warm enough if the weather isn’t too cool outside.

WAIT! Stop, just because we’re talking fall fashion, you shouldn’t put away your linen just yet. PRO TIP: By layering a jacket with a linen shirt like this one I’m wearing, you can enjoy the comforts of linen against your skin and the appearance of other, more fall traditional fabrics on your outer layer. Keep this in mind for later in the year when you’re busting out heavier wool sweaters that might be kind of itchy. Layer them over linen or a super soft cotton and you’ll forget all about the itchiness of the sweater.

Sunday Funday

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday Funday? Whether that’s watching football at a buddy’s, going to the Farmer’s Market, or just relaxing around the house, doing so in this mélange hoodie will make whatever you do better. It’s the softest, most comfortable piece I own. Plus, it’s a bit heavier than the poncho, so it’ll keep me warmer on cooler days. I love being able to just throw it on with no undershirt and be out the door. Since it’s so open around the neckline, I added a necklace for a bit of flair, which is up to you.

The fact that it’s still pretty warm out told me that I needed to combine this hoodie with some lightweight shorts. This pair is 55% linen, 45% cotton, so they’re breathable and comfortable but still substantial enough to not feel like sweatshorts or something you’d wear to the gym.

Again, don’t feel like just because you’re wearing long sleeves that you also then have to wear long pants. Shorts and a hoodie is a great look for early fall. It will keep you warmer in a movie or at a chilly restaurant.

Boom! That’s your whole weekend, covered. I hope you enjoyed these three looks from Faherty Brand and myself. Be sure to check them out for TONS of great casual wear that will have you looking and feeling your best.

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