During the holidays, I like to always remember one important thing. Giving. However, giving is a loose term that can absolutely include giving to yourself. Not to say that you should give to yourself more than you give to others, but Tom Haverford had a solid point when he said “treat yo’self”. Hopefully you’ve been working hard all year and earned a little something extra than what Santa brings.

My treat this year was this vintage leather moto jacket. I love how the weathered black leather looks to be almost grey. I found it at Wasteland, an awesome vintage shop here in LA that specializes in higher end designer pieces. If you’re willing to dig, there’s a good chance you’ll find something very high end for an affordable price.

Personally, I was late to the leather game, mainly because of the cost. Most stores offer their own leather products now, but as I learned from a “leather” jacket I bought at one of the fast-fashion stores, it won’t last. The best thing about quality leather is the fact that it will break in perfectly to your body. Even if it’s vintage, I find that with enough wear, a good leather jacket will bend and break in all the right places, therefore making it one of the most comfortable and functional pieces you’ll own.

A great leather jacket can be dressed up or down. It works as an interesting alternative to a blazer if worn with a shirt and tie or even over a plain t-shirt, Danny Zuko style. It’s also more acceptable than ever. Don’t feel like if you don’t own a motorcycle, you shouldn’t own a leather jacket. Even Aziz rocks one superbly in Master of None. I chose to wear mine with this plaid shirt and dark denim from FiveFour, a seriously awesome subscription menswear service that I highly recommend checking out. I like the complexity this outfit offers when it’s actually only four pieces. The retro Jordan’s compliment nicely as a way of showing that I’m trying to be casual, too.

You can find good 100% vintage leather at most thrift stores. Shop around, try to find something that fits nicely. If you have no luck, ask Santa to get you one from All Saints or your local department store. If you go the department store route, talk to the employees, let them help you find something that fits properly.

How do you like to style leather? Are you into this look?

Stay smiling, my friends!


Click here to check out FiveFour Brand. You’ll be glad you did. It makes a great gift for the guy in your life who hates to/doesn’t have time to shop.

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