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It was a gloomy Sunday in Santa Monica yesterday, but that couldn’t stop me from busting out my new favorite vintage inspired beach getup. Fitted beach shirts are on the rise, guys! High end designers and mass producers alike are pumping out all sorts of designs that will turn heads as you stroll along the shore.

I’m a huge fan of crazy button up shirts so this one from Kennington Ltd. was a no brainer. Kennington was established in 1957 in LA as a surf-inspired California fashion company. They were putting out surf gear before the rest of the country knew that it even existed. It’s all about feeling good to them and I totally resonate with that. This shirt is so soft and comfortable straight off of the rack, I can’t wait till I wash it a few times and really break it in. The brand was big in the 60’s and 70’s and are making a huge resurgence. Every guy should have at least one surf shirt in their closet to bust out for the pool, beach or even a day of drinking beers on the porch someplace. I highly recommend checking out Kennington Ltd.

Aside from the shirt, these linen joggers from Original Paperbacks are some of my new favorite pants. They’re so crazy soft without yet having been washed and the fit is great, being slim in the right places and having a bit of room in all the others. I also really love the cuff on these because it’s not too stiff and bulky like a lot of other jogger pants out there, it holds well and sits at a great place along the ankle. I wasn’t familiar with Original Paperbacks until recently and I must say they’re killing the casual game. Their high quality materials and excellent cuts make buying chinos or linens a cinch. They also have shorts and crazy soft tee shirts.

A simple green fedora from the always amazing Goorin Bros. and my black Sperry topsiders and it’s a beach outfit that can take me from morning to night without worrying about changing or bringing other pieces along.

Do yourself a favor and check out all of these brands: www.kenningtonltd.com, www.originalpaperbacks.com, www.goorin.com

What are some of your favorite beach inspired brands?

Stay happy, my friends!


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