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I’ve partnered up with Azul by Moussy, an amazing brand that’s blown up overseas and is now available at Nordstrom. They were kind enough to throw a whole outfit on me and I must say that I’m loving the quality of their product. It’s not every day that you wear the same brand from head to toe but I have to admit that it feels pretty cool when I get the chance to…it’s almost like a uniform.

First and foremost, I have to tell you about these pants. They’re called the Dobby Jogger Pants and are seriously now the most comfortable pants that I own. The ridiculously soft material contours to your legs and the slight drop crotch allows for lounging around in comfort while also staying in style. They would work with a t-shirt or a sweater…get creative!

Layering a tank top under a jacket or shirt is something that’s been popular since the 90’s grunge movement of flannel and ripped jeans. I’m a huge fan of the look because it’s perfect layering for warmer to mild climates like LA. Keep the shirt or jacket on if your cold or otherwise just rock the tank and tie the shirt around your waist. This tank top is structured like a henley shirt with the always awesome “waffle” style and the hint of detail in the flower patch is pretty awesome too. The plaid shirt is also so soft and comfortable. It’s cut more similarly to a denim jacket than a shirt and has side pockets as well as some really great pleating detail on the front. The madras style plaid is also a nice touch of differentiation.

Throw on some unlaced Aldo wingtip boots for a bit of casual-yet-dressy comfort and you’re out the door.

Definitely check out Azul by Moussy at your local Nordstrom or on www.nordstrom.com.

Click Here to link directly to these pants (which also happen to be half off right now!!). They’re so good, you can’t afford not to buy them.

Would you wear this comfortable look?? What are your thoughts?

Stay happy, my friends!


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