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I’m sure you all remember the days of baggy pants and tall tees. Buying clothes three sizes too big was a (now embarrassingly) regular thing for me in my middle school and high school days. We didn’t have the wherewithal to dub it “streetwear” like they do now, but the current movement is massive. It’s happening everywhere, Europe, Asia, here in America and beyond. It’s a type of style that blends the comforts of sweats and denim with the technicality of cutting materials in unconventional ways.

Adding detailing where otherwise there’s none is also extremely popular and on trend lately, as evidenced by these Jones Moto Jogger pants from Bravery For All. They have the look and feel of a calfskin leather but they’re actually cotton and spandex. I was immediately drawn to them because of their design similarities to classic motorcycle pants. They’re that type of pant that’s going to draw people’s attention only when they’re close enough to notice how detailed they are, which I love. Also, with a slight drop crotch and the crazy comfortable material, they’re super comfortable to wear for any occasion.

For the most part, I like to stay pretty casual so for a piece as bold as these pants I was sure to combine the rest of the outfit with simple, similarly comfortable pieces. This lightweight shirt from H&M, the slouchy sweater from Azul by Moussy, these combat boots from Aldo and my awesomely comfortable Goorin Bros. straw fedora all create a simple aesthetic that allows my comfort level to be maximized and also doesn’t distract from the outfit’s main statement, these badass pants.

If you’re looking for some statement type pieces that are high quality and stand out from the pack, look no further than Bravery For All.

Would you rock this look? Why or why not??

Stay smiling, my friends!


Grab these pants and other awesome pieces at www.braveryforall.com

Go to  www.hm.com, www.goorin.com, www.azul-by-moussy.com & www.aldoshoes.com to see similar pieces to the rest of the outfit.

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