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If you’ve been outside in the last week or two, you’ve noticed that summer is here and it’s looking to be a hot one. If you haven’t been outside in the last week or two…Warcraft will still be there when you come back.

I love summertime for all of the obvious reasons (sunshine, pool parties, bbq’s, my lady wearing revealing clothes, etc etc.), but honestly it can be tough on fashion choices. The hotter the temperatures rise, the less options we have aside from t-shirts, tank tops and shorts. That being said, I’m taking full advantage of this early summer weather and busting out my favorite linen and brightly colored pieces.

These floral jogger pants from Bravery For All are quite possibly the coolest pants I’ve ever put onto my legs. Not only do they fit great and feel good, but look at the damn things! They’re like a trip to the florist all day long, I love it. I live by the credo of never being afraid to try something crazy and these pants definitely tested that. Walking around Abbot Kinney in Venice (which  is possibly the most eclectic street I’ve strolled, aside from the boardwalk) was made even more interesting thanks to the gawking and neck breaking these pants were providing. Wearing something crazy is fun! It allows you to express yourself in a way that doesn’t take you actually saying a word. If you’re feeling crazy and fun, wear something like these pants. If you’re feeling subdued, you probably want to leave them in the closet that day. That’s the beauty of fashion.

Remember that when wearing something loud and fun like these pants, you don’t want to go too heavy on the rest of your ensemble or you’re just going to look like a greenhouse puked all over you. By pairing this awesome black linen shirt from Uniqlo and my simple black Sperry Topsiders with the pants, I push everyone’s attention to the focal point of my outfit while still matching appropriately.

Use this summer to take some chances, guys. Life is short, you might as well wear pink floral jogger pants!

What are some of your favorite statement pieces for summer??

Stay smiling, my friends!


Shop the look: Bravery For All Floral Sport Chinos, Uniqlo Black Linen Shirt, Sperry Topsider in Black, Timex Weekender Strap

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