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Dressing for the weather is a difficult concept in the summertime. I’ve made that clear before but I must reiterate that it’s difficult to keep a roster of fresh shorts and t-shirts on deck at all times when the temperatures are pushing 90. You’ve gotta be able to open up the closet to other potential outfits that are going to keep you comfortable while also making you feel great.

This suit-ish getup from Urban Outfitters is exactly what I’m talking about. The jacket doesn’t have any lapels and fits more similarly to a cardigan, which I love because of the lightness in how it falls and the ability to push the sleeves comfortably. When buying a jacket for summertime (or in general), always check to see if the sleeve buttons are fully functional and not simply stitched on as an accent. If they’re working buttons, you can unbutton a couple and push the sleeves, a la Miami Vice, which is a cool touch of summer casual.

The pants are made from the same stretchy material as the jacket and are slightly drop-crotch and cropped, both of which are great for a summer outfit because of space and breathability. Never forget that you can wear suit separates on their own. These pants work great as a denim alternative or the jacket wears nicely on its own with a crisp pair of jeans.

The simple cotton shirt from H&M works wonders for summer and adds a touch of style thanks to the wide neckline and drape fit. Combine with these sweet burgundy Doc Marten boots as a nice pop of color and you’ve got yourself “Suited & Booted”.

Always consider a nice pair of boots when dressing down your suit. I love the combination of a t-shirt and boots rather than a typical button down and dress shoes for summer suiting.

What are some of your favorite ways to make your suit wear more casually??

Stay smiling, my friends!


P.S. I scored this whole outfit (except the t-shirt) from the Urban Outfitters Surplus store on Ventura. If you live in the LA area, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out!

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