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As painful as it can be, fashion is oftentimes about stepping outside of your comfort zone and giving things a chance. Thom Browne has made the shorts suit famous in his own right by sporting the look for years, but it wasn’t until last summer that we saw it reach mass market.

I have to admit that I never thought I’d be into this trend. If you follow the blog, you know that formal fashion is something that I rarely dabble in but for some reason I just couldn’t pass up on this pink seersucker suit from Original Penguin.

Spring and summer are a fun time of year to throw a wrench in things and try something new. Seersucker is predominantly understood to be a preppy look, with roots in the Hamptons and other uber-rich beach towns so I thought why not try to make it kind of urban. The suit itself already makes such a statement that I wanted to do my best to dumb the rest of the outfit down in order to avoid looking too prepster. If you are trying out a different look, you’ve gotta think outside the box, dudes.

This lightweight, wide-neck long sleeve shirt from Urban and my trusty wingtip boots from Aldo were the perfect combination so as to say “yes, I’m wearing seersucker, but did you notice that it doesn’t look like I’m going to watch a polo match?” It was fun to style this look because I wanted to challenge myself to feel like I could still walk around my neighborhood in Hollywood and feel like I wasn’t totally out of place. Thanks to the shirt and boots, I felt like I made it work.

Finally, these sweet shades are similar to an aviator but with a slight twist. They’re also from Original Penguin.

Have you ever rocked the shorts suit?? I’d love to hear some stories.

Stay smiling, my friends!


Head over to Original Penguin’s Website here to find the suit

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