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Admit it, we’ve all been in this situation. You leave the house in the morning for a day of errands, activities, work or whatever, so you dress accordingly. There’s no way you’ll need a jacket in the 80 degree weather of daylight, so why even bring one? Then you get caught up at work, errands take longer than expected, and you’re running late for your dinner plans. You check the weather and it’s dropped into the 50’s (brrrrr), but there’s no time to run home. What do you do?!

Here’s where the summer jacket comes into play. It’s a lightweight, multi-functional piece that allows you to stay comfortable in the evening weather conditions of summer while also making you feel pretty damned cool. This green bomber from FiveFour is an awesome piece for achieving maximum comfort and the utmost style. The bomber jacket is a timeless piece and with 21st century details, like the blue zipper, thrown in to spice things up, you’re bound to turn some heads. Some other good summer jacket options are a linen blazer, a hoodie or a cardigan sweater. Anything that’s going to take your t-shirt and denim shorts from the playground to the bar works great.

In this outfit, the super comfortable v neck tee from Joe’s Jeans, the denim shorts from PRPS Jeans and the slick penny loafers from Florsheim Shoes create a summer look that’s suitable for a Saturday afternoon BBQ as well as your dinner and a movie date with that girl (or guy) from accounting.

Maximize your summer versatility, dudes! Grab pieces that allow you to swap around and create totally different outfits when in actuality you’ve only changed your shirt, shorts or jacket.

What are some of your favorite summer staple pieces??

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