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One of the things that I love most about the world of fashion in 2015 is how malleable it is. It’s an industry that allows just about anyone to come up with an idea and create a market if the idea is good enough. Sure, you have Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, staples of the American man’s style, but then you have smaller, up and coming brands like Neon Bandits, killing it in their own right.

Neon Bandits is a fashionable athletic sock company that creates comfortable, high functioning socks for the guy or gal who doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd. The sock market has exploded within the last couple of years but mainly in the world of dress socks. Flashy, loud patterns are the norm for even the most upper echelon of Wall Street businessmen, it’s awesome. What I love about Neon Bandits is that they’ve flipped that idea on it’s head and started to redefine the tube sock game.

This pair I’m wearing, titled The Flip, are obviously a take on the classic varsity tube sock made famous in the 70’s era NBA. The bright colors and non-abrasive branding are not only fun to wear but the sock feels AMAZING. It hugged my foot so well that it feels like it was made specifically for me. Also it won’t slide down. I kicked, jumped, ran…nothing.

Some of their other products showcase American red, white and blue or more of this same electric green or yellow (depending on your level of color blindness) and have a cool beehive pattern.

If you’re bold enough to stand out in the office, you better be bold enough to stand out at the gym or running your Saturday errands too, gents!

Check out for the full product line and to grab yourself a pair of socks that fit like a glove…for your foot…a footglove (dibs on footglove).

Would you rock these bold and bright beauties??

Stay smiling, my friends!


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