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If you follow my other social media (which you obviously should…so entertaining) then you saw that I had the privilege of spending last weekend in San Francisco. It was my second time visiting, with last time being a quick birthday trip two years ago. This time, I made sure to plan ahead so I knew what I wanted to look out for and where I wanted to eat, shop, etc.

SF is a unique city in the sense that you have to plan ahead for a few different aspects when taking a trip. First, in summertime it’s often hot during the day and chilly at night so you want to have layers. A classic white tee shirt allows you to fit in ANYWHERE, dudes. So if you’re traveling someplace where you’re unsure of how people dress there, just bank on a fitted white tee. This one is from Alternative Apparel and fits like a glove. Also, this plaid, flannel jacket from Urban Outfitters was perfect for the nighttime temperatures. It’s a comfortable, manly option that’s also going to show that you’re here to be comfortable and look classic.

Secondly, in SF you’re going to be doing a lot of walking. I’m a guy who LOVES to walk places so I did an exorbitant amount. That being said, I needed comfortable shoes. I refuse to wear my running shoes for anything but working out, so I had to figure out which would work best. I opted for these Nike Magma boots that I’ve had for years. They’re a cool hiking boot alternative from Nike’s ACG line. Very comfortable and well balanced with the white tee and flannel jacket.

I’m a guy who likes to pack as lightly as possible for weekend trips and I recommend you do the same. I decided on bringing only one pair of jeans. A good pair of selvedge denim works great during the day or at night. They’re stiff at first, but I promise that if you push through, they’ll break in beautifully. Plus, there’s no better way to force yourself to break them in than having them be the only pair of pants you have available, right??

With an outfit this simple and casual, I like to spice things up with a fun necklace or atypical accessory. This key chain from Visuel is a perfect piece for laying over top of a plain t-shirt that shows everyone that you’re dressed this way on purpose. It’s casual but with a purpose. Highly recommend giving jewelry a chance, guys. Start slow, but it opens up so many new doors for diversification.

How do you feel about this look??

Stay smiling, my friends!


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