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As an American who’s into fashion, I’ve always been forced to follow what the Europeans start, which is fine because Europe is cooler than us anyways. Thankfully with the internet and social media, we don’t have to wait the 5-10 years for European fashions to trickle across the pond like we would’ve in the 80’s. Streetwear culture has EXPLODED in the last couple of years, with outward branding, color blocking and monochromatic designs stretching across runways and sidewalks alike. One brand that I was recently turned onto is AKA, a contemporary lifestyle brand based out of Manchester in the UK. Their black and white designs are a fun change of pace in our American culture of blues, reds and greens.

I’ve been loving fitted sweatpants more and more lately as a perfect daytime errand-wear piece, and this black pair is no exception. I love the detailing with the zippers, especially in the back of the ankle. Unzipping them creates a cool cuff that fits nicely over a high top sneaker but doesn’t flood the entire thing (because you know I’m trying to show off my sneakers). They also have the zippers on the pockets which is nice to ensure you won’t lose your wallet or phone when running to catch the bus or that girl who you finally bit up the nerve to talk to a block after you passed each other.

The branded tee shirt is something that’s been around for years, with classic American brands like Nike, Polo and Calvin Klein pioneering the brand movement in the US. What I like about this one from AKA is that it’s not obnoxious. It somehow manages to straddle the line between bold and artistic, which is so important so as to not make you feel like a walking billboard.

Combining the two pieces was a no-brainer that takes an otherwise very simple outfit to the next level of being fashionable. Adding the cozy fedora and gold-rimmed glasses were fun extra touches that allow me to still fit in at the grocery store AND at a rap concert, which isn’t always an easy thing to do.

Casual doesn’t mean sloppy, dudes. You’ve been taking advice from Europeans for years when it comes to what you’re wearing so you might as well embrace the streetwear movement.

Is this a look you’d be willing to try??

Stay smiling, my friends!


Check out for the full lineup, available now. They also ship internationally.

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