It’s been awhile ago now, but I can remember watching Louis C.K. being interviewed on one of the late night shows and talking about how it took him a long time to reach his full potential. The most important ingredient, he said, was getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s what allowed him to become the trailblazing creative that I consider him to be today. That idea stuck with me. When I first heard, it felt weirdly stereotypical, like something I would read on a high school chemistry classroom poster. Once I sat with it for a bit and started to break it down, I realized it was EXACTLY what was missing for me too. Growing up in a comfortable midwestern environment with like-minded people, staying comfortable was the norm. (NOTE: I’m not insulting people who appreciate and/or enjoy living in a state of constant comfort.) I’ve realized that, for me, occasionally pushing myself into an unfamiliar territory will lead to more learning experiences, richer relationships and stronger memories.

In this spirit, today’s outfit includes a couple of moves that were a little weird for me but ended up being pretty cool. The two things (probably obviously) are the neckerchief and the fingerless gloves. They’re both things I’ve seen other guys wear before and been impressed but had always kind of shrugged off as moves I couldn’t and wouldn’t make. Now that I’ve done it, they’re both much less intimidating. I can move forward in my style because I’ve bested the fear I had of looking stupid. This widen my fashion repertoire and more importantly, improves my confidence! Also, how sweet is this Darth Vader neckerchief ring?!?

I encourage you to take a minute and think about the last time you did something that originally seemed unsavory or even a bit scary. If it’s been awhile, try something! It could be fashion related, relationship related or otherwise, just try something new. It’s going to make you more confident in your own ability to accomplish things and make you a more well-rounded person. Kinda crazy how a tiny little thing like a pair of fingerless gloves can end up improving your outlook on yourself and the world, huh??

What are some things that make you uncomfortable??

Stay smiling, my friends!


Shop the look: Sweater, Long Sleeve Shirt and Jeans: FiveFour Club; Shoes: Sperry x Band of Outsiders; Hat: Goorin Bros; Sunglasses; Ashbury; Watch: Timex Weekender; Socks: Richer Poorer

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