IMG_9335All sorts of fun doors are being opened as the temperature is dropping this winter. As always in LA, it’s back and forth, one day pushing 80 degrees and the next dipping into the 40’s. It’s fun though…keeps you on your toes. I find myself always wanting to try new things each fall and winter. This year, one of those things is jogger pants. If you’re not familiar, joggers have become a wildly popular style choice in the past year. They’re basically the same as any other style of pant except for the elastic cuffs around the ankles. When I originally saw them debut, I thought they would fly by as yet another trend but their look and functionality have provided plenty of reasons as to why they deserve to stick around. I’d definitely recommend investing in a pair. It’s taken me quite awhile to jump on board, but they certainly now have my stamp of approval. Plus, they’ll show off your shoes beautifully!

Today I’m wearing jogger pants and this cool short sleeve button up from Fairplay, a Los Angeles based fashion brand that’s quickly rising above the competition in the heavily saturated “streetwear” market. Their focus on function as well as fashion is huge for me. I’m telling you, these pants are crazy comfortable. They’re made from a super soft material that’s flexible enough to be worn to a meeting or to work out in (if you’re into working out in chinos). The shirt is built slim but with a more structured material so it will maintain it’s excellent fit. They match pretty awesomely, too. I love the tri-toned shirt. You can never go wrong with earth tones!

It was in the mid-50’s temperature-wise, so I was ok with Vans, my Gap denim jacket and a simple knit cap from Urban Outfitters to round out the look. I’d call this a perfect outfit for fall daytime activities, whether that’s shooting hoops or going to the movies. If it’s cooler where you live, throw on some crew socks, high tops or boots and maybe a henley undershirt or heavier coat and you’re out the door!

What do you guys think of Jogger Pants? Have you jumped on the bandwagon??

Click here to check out Fairplay Brand and grab yourself a great deal on some awesomely comfortable, awesomely functional new gear!

Stay smiling, my friends!


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