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If you follow the blog (you betta’ be!), you’ve undoubtedly been made aware of my participation in “Movember”. Whether you saw my YouTube video or just watched the shocking progression of my ‘stache, you joined me on a first time ride that was…honestly, amazing. Not only was I able to raise several hundred dollars for the Movember Foundation (men’s health awareness) but I had the opportunity to live life mustachio’ed for a few weeks which is always a treat.

I swayed back and forth as to whether I wanted to keep the ‘stache going, but ultimately decided that it’ll more fun to leave it as a Movember tradition from here on out. Plus, I just scored this amazing new shaving cream from Cremo Company ( and my very first handmade safety razor so I’d been itching to try it out. Also, this new dopp kit from Everlane is just too sweet. Definitely looking forward to my next trip so I can put it to good use.

Shaving has been an ongoing learning experience for me. I was a late bloomer when it came to needing to shave and unfortunately never had anyone around to teach me the proper way. Over time however, trial and error (so many cuts) taught me a system that works wonders. I’d highly recommend trying these steps if you don’t already follow them:

  1. Shave AFTER you shower. For a long time, I thought that shaving before a shower was smarter but actually the steam and soap open your pores for a closer, smoother shave.
  2. Use a hot towel on your face for 30 seconds before applying cream.
  3. Get yourself some quality shave cream like Cremo Company offers. Use only about a dime-size and spread evenly around your face and neck. What’s great about Cremo is that the thinner the layer of cream, the smoother the shave will be. Less product used = longer lifespan = less money spent over time!
  4. Shave WITH the grain, especially if you’re using a safety razor. The shave may not be quite as close, but you’ll avoid irritation and your skin will thank you for it.
  5. Splash cold water on your face after you’re finished. It helps to close your pores and clean off any excess cream.
  6. GET YOURSELF A FACIAL MOISTURIZER!! It’s 2015, dudes. Even Harley riding, tattoo covered guys use moisturizer these days. It’s just good form. Cremo offers an awesome one or you can pick one up from your local department store. Get something unscented that’s specifically designed for facial use so it’s not too thick so as to cause breakouts.

As with anything, buying quality product versus simply grabbing the cheapest thing you can find at CVS is the best way to go.  Cremo is available at all the mainstream retailers, anyways. Target, CVS, Walgreens…no excuse! Even after one use, I’m loving this Cremo Cream. It’s highly concentrated so you only need about a dime sized amount to cover your whole face. It’s engineered to work great with sensitive skin and will eliminate the worry of razor burn or irritation. Once I was finished, it left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, which is more than I can say for the many mass-produced brands out there that I’ve tried. Be sure to check out Cremo Company’s product line for men or women. Great gift idea for anyone in your life! It was also my first time using a double sided safety razor and I have to admit that I’m hooked. It takes a bit longer than shaving with a multi-blade but the control you have is amazing. I recommend watching Baxter of California’s YouTube video (here) on the proper way of using a safety razor before diving in and cutting yourself to shreds (ouchie).

Click here to check out Cremo Company and their super awesome line of shave creams.

What is your shaving routine?? I’d love to hear any helpful tips that work for you!

Stay smiling, my friends!


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