Holiday season is upon us! Not sure about you guys, but it snuck up on me like a…something that moves very stealthily, I don’t know, a cougar? Anyways, with Thanksgiving happening this week and Christmas (Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus) right around the corner, parties have begun popping up left and right. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a roaring shindig as much as the next guy but with so many social activities happening surrounding the holidays, it’s easy to forget about work and focus solely on play. Finishing the year on a positive note both professionally and socially is doable, however. It takes a bit of planning, but I assure you that time can be saved and fun will be had!

Planning is key. First thing you must prioritize every morning is your “To-do list.” And if you are the in-charge of the group who is tasked with coming up with games and everything you need to handle various tasks one at a time and check them off. Food can be ordered, you can even find a and game on this post which I can ensure will be loved by all,  but along with all this, you need to make sure that as a host, you ensure everyone at the party is having a good time.

If you’re not already familiar, Combatant Gentlemen ( is a new brand in menswear that is redefining the industry by providing their clothes direct-to-consumer, avoiding markups that you experience with most other name-brands. Their quality is top-notch with a price tag so friendly, you won’t be able to help but talk about it once you get to the party (my entire outfit is $166).

When your schedule is chock-full of to-do’s, dressing accordingly can be difficult. I’m sure you’ve all had those experiences where you work all day but have a party to attend directly following work. I love to socialize with co-workers but it’s tough sometimes because of how stuffy or uncomfortable I feel in my work clothes. A suit and tie can feel awfully powerful when closing a deal, but it’s not always conducive to sucking back a cocktail or three and laughing with friends (which is what a party is all about!). Thankfully, Combatant Gentlemen has provided me the opportunity to show you a way to dress for work that translates perfectly to a social atmosphere.

For me, this look is tough to beat.

Altogether, it’s a very workplace appropriate outfit that’s professional enough for most meetings yet comfortable enough to maintain productivity. Here’s the kicker…the ability to go from the office to the party without going home to change. All I did was lose the blazer because thankfully it’s warm enough for that in LA, but even if you just loosen your tie, it just simply works. I have visible tattoos, so it’s fun to surprise people when I roll my sleeves and keep the tie as a juxtaposition. How you choose to style the casual party look is up to you. Lose the tie, keep the jacket…lose the tie, lose the jacket…or don’t change anything at all! The beauty is that you’re going to be so comfortable in these clothes that you can wear them from 9-midnight and not be anxious to get them off.

In addition to classic menswear staples, CG also will be offering different styles of men’s bags as well as new Blazer designs very soon. Click here to check out the styles and to sign up to be notified!

Check out Combatant Gentlemen and use promo code “thelooksmithholiday” for a 15% off your purchase! It’s valid through January 2nd, so treat yourself this holiday season. You’ll be so glad you did.

I’d love to hear some ideas as to how you would switch it up from the office to the party! Don’t forget to tag #HolidaySmarter in your CG social media pics.

Stay smiling, my friends!


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