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Every so often I’ll wake up and actually feel like putting on a suit. I know, it’s weird, but something about the feeling that a suit brings makes me feel put together. Suits get a bad rap sometimes because of who they represent, but the pieces themselves, if fitted properly, are pretty amazing.

That being said, when I do feel like being suited up it’s typically not a strong enough feeling to want to throw on a shirt and tie with it as well. A great suit should be able to worn in a casual or formal setting, like this one from Strong Suit Clothing. When I decided to rock this one, I felt that it was important to let the suit do the talking and not overdo it with accessories and bold surround colors. If you look closely, the pattern is a dark grey with a very subtle blue windowpane stripe. It’s out of the ordinary without being too in your face. Here’s where my head goes when deciding what to wear this suit with…

First, anyone who follows me regularly knows of my love for plain white tees. I probably have 10 different types from 10 different brands because they all serve different purposes. This one is actually from H&M and works well because of the slightly scooped neckline. It allows me to wear a necklace tucked underneath while still showcasing the detail of it being there. Also, it’s a longer shirt so I can tuck it into the trousers without worrying about it coming untucked. I’m in full support of wearing graphic tees with suits too, as you can see here, but the plainness of the white seemed like a better fit to allow the stripes of the suit to stand out.

Next, shoes are an almost immediate identifier of how you’re trying to showcase your suited look. By wearing these slip on Woosters from Greats Brand, I’m telling anyone that sees me that yes, I know I’m dressed casually so you can approach me as such. I think it’s totally fine to wear dress shoes or loafers with a casual suited look, but sneakers are always more comfortable for me. Also, if you’re going to be wearing sneakers with your suit, I’d suggest having the ankle hemmed up a bit higher than normal so as to eliminate any break in the pant leg. It’s more casual and comfortable.

Lastly, accessories! These glasses from Timex, the bracelet and ring from Steve Madden and the watch from MVMT are all great pieces that add to the look without being too bold. If you’re wanting to be casual, I wouldn’t recommend stacking a bunch of beaded bracelets or wearing a chunky watch. Let everything blend together to create an air of comfort. The suit will do the talking, let everything else just fill in the gaps.

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