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I like to think that subtlety is one my strong suits. I’m the type of guy who likes to be seen, but on my own terms. I’m never the one making a grand entrance or grabbing attention immediately when I walk into a room. I prefer to let people discover me in their own time.

That being said, I’m loving this new shirt from Kennington Man. Look closely…I was sure to grab a detailed pic so that you could. See it?? Let’s call this print…Grouplove, haha! It’s a ton of naked people intertwined together to form an abstract pattern, and it’s awesome! I’m always talking about fashionable juxtapositions and this is a perfect example. The shirt itself is just a simple short sleeve button down that’s well-fitted but not overly trendy, yet when you add this sexy print it takes things from conservative to outrageous. Taking one thing that’s normally not a standout piece and altering it just enough to make it different is one of my favorite things about fashion and Kennington nailed it with this one.

Whereas I would typically pair this shirt with other pieces that weren’t quite so casual and expected, the print changed my approach. Slim fit chinos from Gap, simple lo-pro sneakers from PONY and a crew neck sweatshirt from Alternative Apparel create a classic aesthetic out of a not-so-classic shirt.


Don’t be afraid of tying your sweater or sweatshirt around your waist or shoulders, dudes. It’s totally acceptable again. If done correctly, you may look like a bit of a prep, but little do the people know that there’s an orgy happening all over your torso. If you’re more comfortable only letting the collar show for certain occasions, that’s fine. After all, you should be dressing for your own enjoyment anyways, not everyone else’s.

What are your thoughts on this shirt and whole outfit??

Thanks for reading!

Stay smiling, my friends!


Check out this and other awesomely classic pieces from Kennington by clicking here!

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