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Although the weather report refuses to agree with the calendar, one of these days, fall will be upon us. When that day comes, you damned well better have a jacket ready to go! No more of this getting dressed in the morning and being fine all day in your t-shirt and shorts, you lazy bum! Put some thought into it, even if it’s as simple as today’s post.

When it comes to fashion, fall is easily my favorite time of year. I’ve been a huge fan of jackets since I can remember and getting the opportunity to bust them out for errands, nights out with friends, dates and every other occasion is just the best. Today’s outfit is one of my favorite looks there is: sneakers, comfy chinos, a lightweight tee and a well-fitting jacket. Overall, it’s extremely simple, only four main pieces, but when they come together nicely…they come together very nicely (Mr. Smithers hand rub).

I’m loving this shirt jacket from Michael Stars Man because it’s structured like my all-time favorite, the classic denim jacket. The flap chest pockets and snap buttons are easy to use and the fit is tough to beat. I wish there were a way for me to transmit the feel of the material to you guys too because it’s so soft while still maintaining structure, I dig it big time. Not to mention it’s in this fall’s color to wear, olive. Get ready, it’s gonna be everywhere!

Combining the jacket with this simple pocket tee from Gap, Nike Blazer sneakers and lightweight khaki chinos from Zara for some contrast (after all, you want to avoid the Canadian tuxedo…or do you??), makes for a getup that works for just about any fall occasion. If you’re going on a first date, throw on a flannel. Casual Friday at work? Oxford shirt with a knit tie (and some bucks). Ultimately, you want a jacket that’s versatile and this one sure is!

What are your thoughts on this simple fall getup??

Thanks for reading!

Stay smiling, my friends!


Shop the jacket from Michael Stars by clicking anywhere on this line!

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I'm Parker York Smith, a curious dude still very much figuring everything out. I hail from the Midwest but have been dwelling in Los Angeles for the last few years being a pretty stereotypical west coast transplant. I'm a fashion geek, I love to walk (a LOT) and I do my best to find the bright side. I'm extremely excited about this blog and hope that (with some hard work and luck) it turns into what I believe it can. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please get in touch with me via my social networks (which can be found in the sidebar) or email me at

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