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If you follow along with the news, in general and especially fashion-based, you saw that Gap is closing 175 North American stores due to declining sales. It was a tough piece of news for me, a lifelong Gap lover. In my opinion, a store that’s been as influential as they have been will undoubtedly reinvent themselves in some way and we’ll see all of the headlines reading “GAP IS BACK!” Well I’m here to say that Gap never left!

If you’re a guy who’s at all interested in how he looks, doesn’t have a ton of money to spend and prefers to stay on the casual side of fashion, then I would argue that there are few better stores than Gap for quality or style. Sure, they might not be completely on trend with drop crotch pants or longline tees like Zara or H&M, but in terms of American staples like denim and khaki, they’re top notch.

The silver lining in Gap’s recent struggles, however, are the sales! You’d be hard pressed to go into a Gap store right now and find something that isn’t on sale. Current season pieces, pieces for upcoming fall and winter, it’s all marked down. I picked up these amazing lived-in chinos for $20 and this crazy comfortable hoodie for $7! This was all very recently, plus they’re having a sale of an additional 50% off the already reduced prices right now. I love this outfit because it’s well-fitted, crazy comfortable and will allow me to fit in pretty much anywhere I need to go. Multi-functionality, dudes!

Combined with this awesome camo-backpack from Steve Madden and my slip ons Wooster’s from Greats Brand, and I’m in the most wonderful casual state of mind. Also, this metal watch from Vincero Collective is a great way to dress up an otherwise very casual outfit.

How do you guys feel about Gap??

Stay smiling, my friends!


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