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Don’t you hate when the weather turns warmer, the sun shines for more hours in the day and you have to bust out your super lightweight clothes, maximizing comfort levels?? Ha, of course you don’t! Me neither!

The wide-neck shirt is becoming a thing of much regularity for me these past few months. Not only does it keep me cooler when it’s warm, but it allows for higher visibility of an accessory or two as well, which you know I love. I got this shirt from Urban and bought it a little big so as to maximize comfort levels as I spoke of above. The simple black chain necklace is also from Urban and matches my other accessories for a nice line of similarity.

I’m seeing the trends shift from slim and tight towards a slightly baggier aesthetic, which when it comes to summer t-shirts, is ok with me. Otherwise, I’m not too crazy about heading back towards 80’s suits and 90’s JNCO jeans (which are coming back). I would encourage buying a couple of shirts for summer in a large or XL, especially in a lightweight destroyed cotton. Bump one size up from your norm. Rolling the sleeves adds a hint of differentiation and makes up for excess fabric you’re not typically accustomed to dealing with.

I’ve also shown in the past how much I enjoy monochromatic color schemes. Blue is such a versatile color and one of my favorites to wear, don’t be afraid of matching a blue shirt with some similarly colored denim. Also if you’re wearing a khaki shirt, wear khaki pants, with the right accessories and shoes, you’re not going to look like an inmate from the 1950’s, I promise (even if you do, it’d probably look sweet).

All black Chucks, all black Chucks, all black Chucks. If you’re looking to expand your shoe roster but seem to be lost, get yourself some all black Chucks. The classic streamlined look of the shoe combined with just about any outfit is going to work. I know they seem a bit edgy to some of you, but I promise that you’ll turn heads strictly because of these shoes. I love how they match the black of the necklace and watch yet also stand out all on their own. Don’t forget that in an otherwise light-colored outfit, black can still be considered a pop of color, which is always a fun move stylistically.

Lastly, some oversized Aviators from Hugo Boss and I’m all set for a day or night out this summer. Versatility is the name of the game, gents!

What are some of your favorite ways to dress for summer??

Stay happy, my friends!



Shop the look: Urban Outfitters Wide Neck T-Shirt, Levi’s 511 Jeans, Converse Chuck Taylor in All Black, Timex Weekender Watch, Hugo Boss Orange Aviator Sunglasses

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