Shirt: Vintage, Jeans: Levi’s 511, Shoes: Adidas Samba, Watch: Mvmnt

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that this post needed to be clarified a bit, so here we go.

Even as a service industry employee, I still think SaturDAYs are pretty great (I always work at night). I’ve emboldened the “DAY” because I’m only speaking about the daytime. It’s a day of productivity, yet not the normal type of productivity. You can get things done; errands and such, or just choose to have fun (which also counts as getting things done, don’t ever forget that).
Myself, I had a shoot for my upcoming webseries, “Pretty, Dumb” today and it couldn’t have gone better. I love everyone that’s involved and working with them always puts me in such a great mood. 
Stylistically speaking, SaturDAY should be a day of dressing fun. As you can see, I chose an OPCS shirt, an abstract take on a Hawaiian shirt, destroyed jeans and comfortable lo-pro shoes.
[This is where I needed major updating] When getting ready to go out tonight or any other Saturday, remember that it’s a great time to show off that you have great style. Pull out the big guns for Saturdays. Dress up, there’s always a reason to look your best. It’s the busiest night of the week in most places, which means your odds of meeting someone are greater, so dress to impress!
But…during the DAY, wear something silly, enjoy yourself! Life (and style) don’t need to always be taken so seriously. If you’re a dude who wears a suit every day, why not throw on a ridiculous t-shirt and your most comfortable distressed denim??
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