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For many years I swore that I would never wear dress shoes with jeans. I would see friends rocking this look and think that it just didn’t work very well. The jeans were often too big and would swallow the top of the shoes or the shoes themselves were too formal and looked wrong. Plus, I was probably very stubborn and still emerging from my wannabe ghetto phase anyways. That being said, I’ve been dabbling with the look more and more and wanted to share my approach to combining jeans and dress shoes. It’s a great move, really, perfect for a date night or casual Friday at work.

I’m wearing these tasseled loafers from Bar3. The navy colorway is unique and the shoes overall are pretty freaking sweet. On their own, they’re a pretty formal design but when dressed down with dark denim and a sweater, they play nicely as an alternative to boots or sneakers. Also, did you notice how my socks from Richer Poorer match my outfit?? I didn’t intend on it, but it was a very happy accident. Ughh…I mean…no, I totally meant to do it!!

The one rule that I have with this choice is that I want the top half of my outfit to be more than just a t-shirt. Whether you choose to wear a shirt and tie, a t-shirt and a blazer or something else altogether is fine, just make sure it’s slightly dressy or else you’re going to look…well, foolish. As you know, I run on the very edge of casual as often as possible, so I grabbed this long sleeve t-shirt from Urban and oversized cardigan from Zara as my upper. It’s very simple, but still dressy enough for going out on the weekend or to a nighttime function.

Very simple look, but very affective.

What are your thoughts?? Would you wear this outfit?

Stay smiling, my friends!


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