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What’s that you say?! You don’t know what to get (insert family/friend here) for the holidays this year?? I’ve been guilty of this same statement countless times but I’m here to remind you that few gestures surpass the gift of something you’ve made with your bare hands.

If you live anywhere but the west coast, you’re probably already spending 95% of your time indoors anyways, right? Use it wisely and create something for your loved ones or yourself this holiday season.

I wanted to inspire you guys by showcasing the (in my maybe-not-so humble opinion) awesome coffee table I built earlier this year.

It all started when I was driving down an alley and stumbled across an awesome shipping palette, which is the base piece of my table. I had seen DIY tables on the web and always swooned over them so I figured finding it was a sign.

The rest was pretty easy, consisting of a couple trips to Home Depot for some ply wood sheets, beams (both of which they cut in-store), wood stain and sand paper.

The whole thing cost me about $200 and while it’s far from perfect, it’s one of a kind, which is what you should strive for when making a gift for anyone in your life. Plus, my girlfriend bought me that sweet, sweet bear head which doubles as a beer bottle opener (yeah, I know).

I don’t expect people to build everyone on their list a piece of furniture, but I wanted to show this so as to make it clear that getting creative and seeing things through to the end will leave you with your feet up, literally or figuratively.

I’d be happy to share more specific measurements and tips for this table.

Questions? Comments? Interact!

Thanks for reading! Happy Holidays!

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